Do you seek authentic Tantric Massage in London?  We are highly trained and experienced masseuses, in the sensual art of touch. Tantric Massage is an experience never forgotten, allow yourself to experience authentic Tantric Massage by highly skilled massueses.

Experience the most divine heavenly touch, it increases your sensory perception, awakens your inner desires, increases your sensual appetite, and excitement fills your body, as it increases your ability to enjoy erotic massage by beautifull ladies, who will stimulate your body for a full session of up to an hour or longer if you wish.

Benefits are many, such as – Rebalancing and educating your body to adjust to the ability to contain and enjoy your sexual capacity to maintain longer erections, this is one of the many benefits, also it increases your sexual hormones, which is important for sex drive, and maintaining healthy balanced sex life.

Tantric is abit like zen, it is the enjoyment of the journey, and the ability to enjoy yourself for as long as possible, the journey is the unforgettable part, its what stays with you, as in pleasure capacity increases, oxytocin is released, this is a natural chemical in the body, which is the ‘pleasure’ hormone, – this natural high, is the same as when we cuddle, kiss, and show affection, when we touch skin to skin, also when we are in love, oxytocin  floods your body! the same as in a full loving relationship, ecstasy, that incredible feel good factor! We also can include special breathing exercises to achieve longer sexy pleasures of the mind blowing type! – it will show you how to maintain your sexual ability to last as long as possible, and how to achieve, what we term in the tantric world, as a full body orgasm.

Whats a full body orgasm? It means we will guide you as part of your session, how to prevent or maintain, your ability to relish in sexual endurance, and treat premature ejaculation,even if you dont have this problem, the service we provide, is full of sensual erotic pleasure! whether your new to this or experienced, we can assist your session to be tailor made, that adresses things you would like to integrate in your ideal session,for example how to give yoni Ritual, or mutual massage, each session can be focusing on something youd like to achieve.

Although tantra is not goal oriented, but the ability to enjoy yourself and expand ultra capacity to fullfill your greatest desires!

Many men, become more sensitive and improve their abilities to become superb lovers! due to this inhouse training, here at Lanas Tantric.

We have been giving and teaching for a long time, our ladies will be delighted to show you the zen capacity of enduring pure ecstasy, with the secrets of our knowledge.
This unforgettable experience of naked beauty, her skin brushing against yours is what makes this an experience worth repeating time and time again! But the best is yet to come! It is performed in the ambience of soft music and  flickering candle lights. It’s a perfect setting for a sensual massage experience. And as her soft and gentle fingers drive away the stress from every part of your body, your masseuse will stop just short of pushing you over the edge. That way, you will enjoy repeated bouts of stress relief during your allotted time, making the experience something worth repeating!  These wonderfull tactile therapy can be for incalls or outcalls, to suit your needs. Visit Gallery for beautifull ladies who know how to tantalise you!

Nuru Massage London

Is done by using a very slippery gel, which makes naked body sliding very sensual and incredibly erotic. nude masseuse will use her nakedness on your body, its ultra intimate, so its a wonderfull experience, very ecstatic! see services for more info!

Prostate Massage

This can bring alot of pleasure, and very stimulating, gives many improvements for health, in increasing circulation to this important gland, many emotions and feelings can be held in this area, so by using a finger or two, inside the anal area, brings heightened pleasure, it helps to increases the intensity of mans orgasms.

Body to Body

We have two choices which cover these supmtious,exotic one to one erotic encounters! first with warm oil, and the 2nd choice is our latest the Nuru body slide, with fully naked masseuses, just go to the gallery and choose your therapist, these styles are of the most erotic you will ever encounter! thats right feel her silky nude body next to yours.

Lingam Massage

All our wonderfull encounters include the fantastic foreplay of tantalising your lingam, also known as manhood or penis, we start with oil,  caressing, teasing, touching, rubbing, includes tescticles rubbed in oil, done slowly, and building the climax, to several peaks of bordering on your orgasm, several times I take you there, take a deep breath, and when you cant hold back anymore, you let yourself achieve one of the most powerfull full body orgasms!

Erotic Massage London

Through the power of touch, there are powerfull emotions waiting to be released, Erotic massage is one that can give men and women the intrinsic factor of pleasure, sensual touch is helpfull to adress many isssues, and improve ones own sexual instincts, confidence and improve ability to share and find rich spiritual experiences that goes beyond the physical!

Go to the gallery and see the tantric therapists, to give you a really good massage call the receptionist, for Tantric massage London masseuses, incall and outcalls available.


Where Are We Based?

Tantric Massage London

Paddington station very close by.

See our rates or contact us for same day bookings, and if you would like to find out more about what a session includes, take a look at our F.a.qs section, and Rates page.

 Same day bookings available

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Body to Body Massage

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