4 Hands Massage

Our 4 hands massage will delight you,  and a pleasure to experience, and is one of the finest ways to relieve our bodies and  our minds of Stress. It is one of the many diffrent styles of sessions we offer,  to choose your relax into  bliss!

Stress is part of life, and we all have to deal with it, having some
avenues to release ourselves from our daily chores and challenges of the day.    Relaxation especially nowadays  is always welcome and massages are one of the ways we nourish
ourselves and clear  many worries, and release tension.

A wonderfull way of  Releasing  muscular tension, just imagine having 2 ladies,  working on you,  both masseuses can be nude or in lingerie, most important to relax you,  and sensually stimulate,  our personalised touch, with  full body pampering, will elevate your mood, and make you feel like  your walking on air!

Our hands sometimes they can be in synchrony, while other times, they change their sequence to suit individual needs and give you a variety of  tactile  movements,  choose from any of these combinations, – sensual  and erotic combinations.

tactile, fingertips, or butterfly touch, all depends what the client  desires  and needs.

We can incorporate a firmer touch if required, to start and leading onto any of the other hand techniques.

The session always delivers a rich exotic experience, as the 2  masseuses, using their hands on you will deliver a very unforgettable time spent.  The experience is always unique, and  tailor made to suit individual clients, so you can choose to have prostate stimulus,   body sliding,  or try yoni , with either one masseuse of your choice, or two masseuses.

we do enjoy giving 4 handed sessions, as they always seem special, and good fun, teasing is doubled,  while the hands on foreplay is delectable, doubling all the fun and double the pleasure!

It is a very exciting sensual adventure so you can forget your troubles, as it has such diversity, and we do deliver delayed orgasmic teasing throughout your session.

We dont aim to finish till the time you booked it for,  choose             .
from 1 hour, 90 minutes, or 2 hours.

The quality of touch-is of utmost,  and  of the highest
possible sensations! –  will make you feel as if your on a high,

Towards the end, we will expect you to learn our tantric waves of
breath control, -this expands your sexual connection so you,
can experience a much deeper and more fullfilling orgasm.

We will show you how this works, when you book a session, it also
helps prevent or cure premature ejaculation.

Prostate  Massage stimulus  can also be included if you wish, simply ask and we  will include it.

Yoni Ritual can be another choice, means you can give sensual touch
to the masseuse, includes Honouring the yoni, gentle touching.

or body sliding, means the masseuse will slide
and glide across you using her feminine curves a very sensual experience!            .

Dont forget to book your 4 hands massage London, when your next in town!

Advantages are:-

Release mental and physical tensions

Reduce blood pressure

Cleans lymphatics blood and  toxins

Increase of Virility- sex drive improvement

expansion of  Pleasure

Sex hormones increases

Learn how to prolong pleasure

How to control your orgasms
and prevent premature ejaculation

Increase ability to give and receive pleasure