Body to Body Massage

Our Body to body Massage  is one of the most sensual exclusive experiences !  We are in Paddington and Bayswater,   its in a central  London location, w2.  First we both have a shower, then after you dry yourself, you relax on the bed, and I will cover you in warm oil,  you will love the feeling of  warm oil  as I smooth it over your skin,-  slowly and gradually all over.  Relaxation swedish massage and any combinations of  our exclusive sensual touch will  be incorporated,  choose from tantric, erotic, nuru or  body sliding combinations.  We specialise in Nude Massage  its  sensual, fun, & erotic.

As I spread the oil,  all over the front of your body, I will slowly slide and glide  fully naked,  you will feel relaxed and at the same time very excited, my tender touch will also tease you in all the right areas, not missing any part of you,  as I whisper sensually in your ear,  and the candles flicker to the motion of the music, slowly building up your sexual energy.

We also have another option, New and very exciting! – Nuru Massage, its a body slide nude massage.

Next I turn you over on your front facing down while I  tease you in the most delectable  way, includes – testicals, perineum teasing, bottom and  inner thighs, you will feel very aroused and tingly,  if you would like to experience the prostate massage at this point you can, optional- or we just carry on, gently teasing you with my soft skin brushing against your body as I slide over you, till we reach each time closer to your orgasm, but not quite, we pull back and slow down I will delay your pleasure till you feel your ready to experience the full orgasmic sensations.

Orgasms arent always the goal, but the pleasure experienced during this encounter, is highly arousing, and emotionally charges you with excitefull endorphins!    The pleasure is felt throughout your entire being.

Our session will give you a taste of the orient, right here and the pleasure is yours!

* Body2Body London –  Benefits –

Reduction Of  Stress                                   .Body to Body Massage London

Reduction  of  Blood pressure

Integration of mind Body & Spirit

Increase of sexual arousal/ Libido

Increase of  sexual hormones

Improve circulation

Helps to adress sexual dysfunctions

prevents premature ejaculation

Pure sensual excitement