Lingam Massage

Lingam Massage  is the sanskrit word for Penis or manhood, creative energy, for the man.  After you take a shower, you will lie down, while I will cover you in warm oil, special slow teasing on the penis, many erotic feelings will pour out as I slowly touch and tease you, its unrushed so lie back and enjoy the sensations!

If you would like to massage your boyfriend, lover, partner or husband,  you may follow similar  procedures as the female yoni massage, using unscented massage plain oil, Almond or olive oil  as they usually do not cause irritation, do not use anything synthetic, as some people can be allergic to it especially in the most intimate parts.

I would start with a back or full body massage, depending how much time you have to explore!  I always say tantric ideally should not have  a clock on it, as it spoils the free flow of energy shared, of course choosing a time where you both have time to relax and explore, as rushing would spoil it!

Set a nice romantic setting, candles whispiring, lights in the background, low soft lighting, ambient soft relaxing or new age music in the background to set the mood.   Big soft towels to lie on whether its the futon or a soft bed, you both want to be comfortable and warm enough.   After massaging the back of his body, you ask him to turn over, to his  front, massaging the chest, stomach, legs, inner thighs,  using sweeping long or shorter strokes, use swirling soft tactile movements.

Use diffrent strokes and watch the responce back, and use your intution to massage scrotum, perineum, buttocks, then his wand, penis, or known as Lingam massage.

The lingam has  alot of sensitivity, nerve endings, and chakras, so take your time to unfold, using various types of very loving tactile touch,   massaging in efflerage  these are swedish types of  massage techniques, esalen, caressing, fingertips, light feathery strokes,  massaging the testes at the same time as his lingam, builds the energy very well,  use eye contact, to affirm your intention and it is also more sensual, to look at each others eyes,  as mechanical is not what you want!

Yes take your time,  as it builds up, you can massage the top part of the lingam,- yes this has a very sensitive part, just below, where the foreskin begins, rub very gently or increase, but not too firm, depending on individual man, adapt it by watching his face and expressions!  is a great indicator if your touching well! – use loving touch, ….eventually as it gets a little close to orgasm, ask him for guidance in case your not sure, as you slow down, use the breathing techniques to slow him down , repeat several times, if the energy lends itself!- if you try to over do this part, it takes time to learn it, and understand your own personal timing with it, so go at finding your own natural pace! at some point you will reach the point of a tantric orgasm!  Our Lingam massage in london, is in a central location for your convenience!

We also do  Incalls or Outcalls,  Please enquire within, or see Our Rates page.

Our Studio offers Lingam massage as part of the whole spectrum of   ‘sensual/erotic’ massages, to give supreme heightened  pleasure, and education for premature ejaculation control methods, that our one to one ladies, who are highly skilled will take you on this maginficent journey.

See Gallery for choice of  qualified masseuses,  or ask the receptionist who would be more suitable for your specific requirements.

Lingam Massage

Beneficial Advantages  –                                           .romantic-date-surprise-massage

How to awaken your sexual appetite

How Lingam massage creates sexual hormones

prolonging your sexual potency & pleasure

Lowers blood pressure

Removes physical tension out

Relaxes the mind body and soul

Increase of Endorphins ( natural pain killers}

Increases Sensory perceptions

Ejaculatory control how & when to orgasm

Increase personal confidence

Ability to improve your sexual performance