Body to Body Massage

Body to Body Massage

Welcome to Body to body Massage London!  What does it mean exactly? It is a full body to body massage but with alot more! This type of massage is done naked, using the full nude body to press against yours. It means the massage therapist, uses the pressure of her nude body to literally massage you by the term body sliding!

It includes special movements of literally sliding to and fro but in a sensual and sensitive way to arouse you. It can be exquisite! so be prepared for super fun and enjoyment!

But in the meantime we appreciate it if you take a warm shower to start with as this is very important to be clean and makes it so much nicer for the masseuse. Of course she will have already taken a shower before hand to prepare the sensual body to body special treat for you.

A special warm oil is used which is much more slippery than ordinary oil, to make it that bit more fun and pleasureable!  Our secret long body movements will leave you feeling on an ultra high, with feelings of great sensual feelings of arousal been felt, the enjoyment will be spread around your body and sexy feelings of arousal will make you feel such alot of enjoyment!

We include some general relaxation therapuetic all over massage as well so you get all three benefits, relaxation and removing tight congested muscles, so it helps you saviour the real benefits, sensual and erotic will all come into the present moment as we slide together.

This is erotic and can sensual depending how you would like to experience the whole thing. Beneficial by improving the health system of the body, circulation vast improvement, letting go of worry, and stress, is so important in our busy world of everything, including lifes demands and general busy lifestyles, especially in the cities of the u.k. letting go helps your mind relax and give you peace and more tranquil time.

The third part is of course  uplifting all your cares away, and increasing eroticism in the body sexy arousal gives sublime feelings that might be repressed, need to express and youthfullness in your body is that fantastic feeling of renewal.

Body to body in London is available as incall massage, or we can visit you choose your home or if your staying in a hotel? just give me a call for fun and sexy massages! Our incall locations are Paddington, or Bayswater. If you prefer someone to visit you at your home or hotel, let our receptionist know, so it can be arranged, INCALLS FROM £150, OR OUTCALLS ARE £250 PER HOUR. We need at least 30-45 minutes to get you, depending where you are staying.

body to body massage

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