Nuru Massage

Latest updates,dont forget to try Lanas Nuru Massage -literally its the most dynamic and most sexy erotic massage,  – it literally gives the full ulltimate attention in the true art, of  body to body nude massages in London.

Our lovely girls are all qualified,  and will  perform this expertly,  the new sensual body slide and gliding, is extremely intimate, to make you feel, relaxed, uplifted,  sensual enhancement, at its peak, it  travels through you, as you experience  this erotic, intimate full arousal massage.

The masseuse and yourself will freshen up with a shower, this removes negative energy from the outside world too, it is also important to be clean, so that both parties can enjoy the sensations.Nuru-Massage

The beautifull masseuse uses her full naked body, to slide over your body,  by using tactile sensual skills will give immence pleasure as you have never experienced before!

Your blood pressure drops, you will feel relaxed, worries will disappear,  the excitement is highly increased, as the beautifull godess uses her silky soft body and feminine curves to stimulate every part of your body.

Gliding and sliding, using the slippery gel, a true amazing full body pleasure, if at certain points you feel too excited, we slow down, and use our tantric breath techniques to relax you away from the been too close to orgasm, but still keeping you on the sexual waves of teasing,

I will also use breathing and intimate sensual touch, to keep you on the edge of sexual pleasure, lots of teasing, and foreplay, this gel is really something else, very slippery and smooth, will probably be the most sexy massage in London !

This is not just any ordinary massage! – its supreme in been close and feels double the pleasure and double the fun!

Your Nuru massage will make you feel very special,  like never before! – the session will include both the back of your body, and the front, includes back, arms, legs, and all the delightfull things inbetween, your lingam, meaning penis massage, also if you want the prostate to be included, this can help to give even more powerfull orgasms, so a heavenly bliss awaits you to greater depths of sensual massage arousal.

Relaxation is number one, stress removal,  your muscles will get a work out, in the most lush way!  tonight you will sleep well and wake up feeling satisfied, and revived!

While your sexual appetite is stimulated, and your hormones are circulating and increasing,  many sexual problems can be solved,  orgasmic pleasure removes stress from the body, emotions are released, and the full body orgasm takes you to greater heights of enjoyment and fullfillment.  Do you seek a Nuru Massage London experience?  we have stunning qualified friendly and good fun to be with, dont delay, just dial  -07813295566, to book your Nuru session now!  you will have a great time!