Original Tantric

welcome to original Tantric massage providers since 1992 !   If you want to experience one of the best  experiences, where we take you to heaven!  our special group of therapists have been trained in wholistic therapies, meaning therapeutic, healing to the whole body, and incorporating their individual touch to give you a special sensual service, to maximise the tantra connection.

Experienced masseuses, who know how to tease and please, leading to relaxation, and uplifting your spirit, with warmth, and dedicated to the art of sensual touch, a very satisfying erotic massage which isnt just for normal average gratification, but one that enhances your sexual individuality, increases your sensual senses to a full maximum potential, to include all the body, not missing any parts.

In our sessions we see the body as a full pleasure of the senses, not just the genitals, the way we touch you is a fully integrated teasing of your phallus, inside legs, back, neck, head if you wish, feet optional, prostate is also your choice, front of your body including chest, nipples if you desire, arms, fingers, we tease inbetween and include all the erotic areas, with extra lingam that means your manhood, we delight in keeping you on the edge of an orgasm, it is one of the best parts about learning the way of Tantra, its like a beautifull journey, to explore you, and arouse every inch of your entire body!

Arising the passions, is delighting all your hormones to increase and vibrate the inner chakras, also known in india as energy points, each ennergy point, when stimulated, brings healthy energy to the areas, vibrations rise, and your erotic self feels fully sexually aroused.

Our aim isnt to just to get you to reach orgasm, infact in tantra its quite the opposite! its about giving you the gift of knowledge, and actually no words will ever describe this untill you try it, but must be someone with experience, thats how you can transcend this to work on a deeper level, which is powerfull and meaningfull, and takes you to parts of your self that you may not have been to before!

We will slowly take you to a more richer experience, by practising our breath techniques, you will be almost reaching orgasm, but not yet, this will go on till I get a sense that you are ready to be taken off the boil, of course several times, then when your ready, you will reach a very high peak of heaven on earth!  this next part is what we call the full body tantric orgasm!

If you dont practice the breath techniques, you may not reach this really powerfull source, so practice, makes it so !