Prostate Massage

Can be very usefull to to improve circulation, stimulate and heal the prostate gland. Also known as G/spot.  We  can include this as part of the massage session, as it helps to stimulate and increase pleasure, which can – also give powerfull orgasms.Its important to have someone with experience, and knowledge on how to perform this delicate massage.

The prostate lies inside the anal canal, about 2 and half inches inside the anus,  but one can start by giving pleasure from the outside at the entrance of the anus, using special gloves and lots of lubrication, caressing the area very gently, then slowly inserting one finger, and massaging very slowly and gently, some men find it sensual and erotic, while others say it doesnt do much for them!   so its a question of trial, to see, if its not physically or mentally comfortable, then just say, we go onto discover other pleasure massages styles that you may enjoy. Tantric therapists often include this as part of the stimulus,all massages are tailor made, so simply ask to see if thats available.While performing a sensual or tantric massage, we incorporate sensualising the whole body, so you feel a vibrant energy, and sexual stimulus, by using Tantra techniques, these vary and by using tactile and caressing teasing the hands will be soothing  your energy, and at same time arousing, so within this massage,  we can include the prostate, slowly massaging, and sensing how it feels, many tensions can ease away, lowering of blood pressure, increase of sexual hormones, can be cleaning the gland by the actual massage, so long as there are no medical problems. Some men find it gives them more powerfull orgasms, because many nerve endings and sensual pleasure can be experienced, during the session. No it does not mean your gay, some heterosexual men simply can find it enjoyable, and just enjoy the stimulus. We find our more mature clients, can benefit by this kind of
massage, for the simple reason, that as men mature in age, 50 plus can get prostate problems, because the prostate starts to shrink as they get older, so
therefore it is very stimulating to the gland and to increase its ability to work more efficiently, and healthily.   Mature men can benefit more by having an orgasm at least once or twice a month, by the release of semen, it removes old energy and brings in new energy, by recharging and replacing body fluids.
Pumpkin seeds  are great to eat for improving and nourishing the prostate and delivering extra zinc, as men lose this valueable mineral, after they orgasm. Pumpkin oil can also be used to get benefits use on salads, bread, soups, etc. Herbal remedies can also be used to balance the gland –  see medical herbalist for specific ailments.      See our Gallery for Prostate Massage London masseuses,  who will be  attentive and sensitive to your needs.

* Prostate Massage Benefits

increase circulation                                      .rwimage.php

reduction of  stress

decrease high blood pressure

Cleans and stimulates gland

Improve  Sexual Vigour

Increase sexual hormones

Improve Libido

Learn ejaculatory control

Improve Lovemaking

Pumpkin seeds & oil nourish the gland