We have provided many questions and answers regarding our Tantric Massage London range below. However, if you have any question that are not covered here, please either phone us or contact us by email using the form on the contact us page.

Q. How does tantric work?
A – its a combination, of relaxing, but also very sensual, slowly arousing, very erotic at times, and building the energy up, using very tactile, touch, intuitively touching and stroking, gliding, esalen techniques, – it is also my intention to give – loving caresses, – to invoke,and sensually tease your whole body.

Q. Whats a naturist massage?
A – It means the masseuse is naked for the duration of the massage, giving tantric naked feels more naturally inviting, whilst seeing the attractive shapely female body, exchanging two way pleasures.

Q. what is Yoni massage?
A. it means you can massage the masseuse in a sensual way, she will show you how you can massage the masseuse in a tantric way. Yoni is the sanskrit word for vagina, how to touch and arouse a woman, the art of touch, is special, but we can guide you, on one of our masseuses.

Q. what is the purpose of yoni massage?
A. Yoni is the sanskrit for vagina, yoni – massage is not only pleasureable and fulfilling, but can be very usefull for women who may have sex blockages, or even lack the ability to achieve orgasm, – as it releases deeper emotions, that need to be expressed, – for healing to take place .- apart from pure pleasure bliss!

Q. Whats a whole body orgasm?
A. Tantric helps to achieve greater heights of heightened and intense bliss to the whole body as it builds the energy chakras from within, intergrating lingam massage, this should be performed slowly and sensitively, – the build up, releases many blissfull ecstatic emotions in a man, that eventually need to be released, eventually, as this builds up, you will know instictively with your tantra-breath control, you should reach – whole body orgasm, or close to it! some men need to learn the techniques, – may need a few sessions, to learn, some respond instantly! – Depends on the individual.

Q. Do you need to achieve orgasm?
A. No, there are no rules, – some clients like to hold back the energy, and not have an orgasm at all, instead circulating the energy, and moving it around the body, through meditation, transforming the energy! still raises the frequency of your sexuality to a higher level, often men in the far east, prefer to only orgasm once a month! – as they like to keep their energy, but when released, eventually the energy is transformational.

Q. Can I touch the masseuse?
A. Yes you can, stroking is allowed, with respect to the masseuse, always ask permission first! also we include some body to body, so the answer is yes! there is yoni massage if you want to expand on the tactile pleasures, please ask if you want to learn how to massage the masseuse tantrically- we call it yoni massage.

Q. What is a lingam massage?
A. Lingam is the sanskrit for male genitals, it has the same chakras as the whole body, as you massage the lingam, slowly – many men find this enormously pleasureable, different sensations and feelings, are released, with warm oil, gliding, stroking, not forgetting the top chakra of the penis, just below the head – is the male equivalent of a clitoris, the sensitivety in some men can vary enormously! – its for you to find out! some find it too arousing, so you can delay the pleasure, or include as part of the tantric treasure pleasure – dont be surprised if this leads to orgasm!

Q. How do I make an appointment?
A. The easist way is to to telephone direct saves time and you get an answer usually instantly! some people make an appointment by email, and they book it by email, if we dont view it in time you will lose your appointment, please call me direct it saves time and inconvenience. Do not leave voicemail, please text me I reply usually very quickly!

Q. Do you take credit cards?
A. No, we take English pounds, but can occasionally take euros.   Please pay the masseuse on arrival, its polite and good etiquette, same as if we are visiting you in a hotel or home.  banks at paddington tube,  but  lancaster gate has no banks, so to avoid wasting our time and yours, please  have the  correct funds ready, as sometimes we may have other bookings ahead after yours, so it doesnt interfere with both of our times.

Q. Can I have a shower after my session?
A. Yes of course! we would also appreciate if you were showered before if possible, or if you need to you may shower here before we commence the massage. Clean Towels available.

Q. what  happens if I ejaculate early?

A. Our aim is to teach you authentic tantric massage, which incudes ejaculatory control, so that you dont come too quickly,but if it happens by accident, we dont stop, we still carry on giving you the time you booked, 1 hour, so you can still enjoy other benefits of sensual stimulation.

Q.  How else to best enjoy Tantric ?

A.  Please avoid Alcohol  consumption, before visiting us, as it affects the male potency, and how for you to understand how to get the most out of your session.

Thank you!   We aim to give you the best session we can, any questions or needs please call me, so I can advice who is best suited to you as a masseuse.




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