sensual Massage

Sensual Massage is a type of massage to include sensual physical stimulation within the massage. It is done in a way to give relaxation, but also to include the magic hands of one of our qualified masseuses to enhance desire and build up sexy stimulation.

Integration of slow hand teasing with provocative touch, gives rise to beautiful feelings that lie hidden within all of us. Whether your a man or a lady, or even a couple, massage can be a very definitive way of uplifting your doormant energy!

Whilst we can be subtle, to start with, this is a way of building you up, to various beautiful states of the blissful enlightenment to sensual in lingerie, if you desire or listening to ambient soft music, to invite the senses, slowly.

Whilst relax therapy is always at hand, the goal is to lie back and receive the energy rather than be eager, just lie back and enjoy. There is no goal in this but just to enjoy the pleasure in a combination of meditation, and serene pleasure that slowly tingles your body, and gives you sensual inspiration.

The skin has many nerve endings that can stimulate your body to endless pleasures! our SENSUAL MASSAGE can be booked through the telephone direct, go to contact page to book original sensual massage to awake you to sensuality!