Yoni Massage

Yoni Massage is the sacred word in sanskrit, for the sacred part of a woman,- also known as sacred temple.

Massaging the body helps us release stress from tension,  yoni massage is a more sensual and erotic pleasure for the woman,

but also releases many emotions and feelings. Especially  when the yoni and the heart are connected, it becomes a true,  infusion of  mind body and spirit connectivity, this makes it a richer deeper experience.

In order to enjoy and release these feelings, its important for the woman to feel safe, comfortable and able to be in a receptive mood to enjoy this blissfull yoni intimate massage.

The giver can be a partner, lover or husband, by creating a nice ambience in the room, cosy warm lights, soft music,

candles, and plain massage oil, I say plain massage oil, as its an area that doesnt need aromatic oils, unless used on the body parts via external skin, massaging the vagina -yoni, is best plain oil, I recommend Almond oil or any natural oils, even olive oil, incase of any irritations, taking your time, very slowly, massage the front of her body, you can start with legs, then chest and breasts, leading to stomach, slowly teasing with a soft touch, you can use firm or lighter feathery strokes and caresses, or slightly firmer, depending on how she feels, always ask her, if she wants firmer or lighter, use your perception to see how she responds to your hands, let her body guide you naturally, as your hands move and she responds you will see and adapt your style.

As it slowly builds, she may release emotions of  stress relief,  sensual and erotic build up, and simply enjoying the sensual waves that are going through her body, allow this energy to unfold, taking your time to please her, and your inner guidance will show you the way, you may want to sensually play in other areas of her body, first, or a combination, allow your hands to glide or slide, tease playfully, use light fingertips all over, or butterfly strokes, caressing, using tactile loving touch.

As your hands massage the yoni, remember the goal isnt necessary have an orgasm, but to enjoy the prolonged pleasure together!  It can bring you both to a more intimate place and deepening the connection, if orgasm does comes then it brings the energy naturally to a more satisfying peek!